Start selling your NFTs on your own branded mint page, accept credit cards and crypto.

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Launch your NFT collection and save $20k+ on devs

Launch NFT projects faster, with no code and more features. Generate tokens, deploy smart contracts for $20, and launch in 10 minutes.

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“NFT-Inator has provided our team with all the tools we needed and more to create & customize our NFT collection. We’re impressed with the platform’s seamless, high-quality experience and will be returning in future!”

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“One of the slickest no-code NFT creation tools currently available. Really straightforward and mildly addictive.”

Sam Dickie
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Start selling in minutes, not months

NFT-Inator simplifies the process of launching NFT collections. Every feature you need to launch your next $1M+ drop is wrapped up in an easy-to-master interface.

NFT Generator
NFT Generator

Save hundreds of hours in Photoshop with our art prototyper and NFT generator. Loaded with advanced rule and rarity features to build complex collections.

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Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts

Launch smart contracts for under $20 on any chain with our simple visual interface, even on Ethereum Mainnet! No code required, just click, configure and deploy.

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Mint Pages
Mint Pages

Sell your NFTs on your own fully customised storefront. Accept card payments, ERC-20 tokens, native crypto, burn-to-mint, verify-to-mint and more.

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Features found in

blue-chip projects

Launch your NFT collection like Adidas, Azuki and Nike with features only the largest projects normally have access to.

Artwork Generator

Turn your layers into masterpieces with marketplace-ready metadata.

Smart Contract Generator

Deploy fully-customisable smart contracts without a developer.

Mint Page

Launch your own branded storefront and sell NFTs in minutes.

Mint Button

Turn any website into a branded mint page with our custom button.

Complete Ownership

Own your smart contract and keep full control over your project, forever.

Marketplace Ready

Your NFTs will appear on OpenSea, Blur, Looksrare and other marketplaces instantly.

Delayed Reveal

Hide your artwork during the mint and reveal it when you're ready.

Allowlist Management

Build your allowlist and sync it to your smart contract effortlessly.


Run multi-stage drops with different pricing, limits and drop times.

Split Payouts

Pay as many people as you want, whatever percentage you want.

Royalty Enforcement

Collect a share of secondary sales and enforce roylties on-chain.

Burn to Mint

Offer your NFTs for sale by burning an existing NFT.

Free Claim

Reward existing holders by allowing them to claim a free mint.


Reward existing holders by allowing them to claim a free mint.

L2 Support

Reward existing holders by allowing them to claim a free mint.

Card Payments

Reward existing holders by allowing them to claim a free mint.


Prototype & Generate

Powerful built-in art tools allow you to test and build your NFT collection. Combine artwork layers, generate 10,000+ tokens - configure rules, rarity and quickly upload to IPFS.

Test layers and traits.
Save time testing layers in Photoshop. Toggle layers, check alignment and iterate over designs.
Generate 1,000s of NFTs.
The NFT generator Instantly creates thousands of unique NFTs by stacking your art layers.
Rules & rarity.
Set custom rarities for your traits, and configure which ones should appear together or not at all.
IPFS included.
Choose to automatically upload artwork and metadata to IPFS, and export both to your desktop.
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Master control center

Contract Dashboard

Manage every stage of your NFT launch from the dashboard. Send airdrops, configure payments, control the mint, and withdraw earnings.

Contract dashboard screenshot
Agency analytics
Access pro-level stats and analytics for your NFT collection. Track mints, revenue, royalties and more.
Mint controls
Start, pause and update your mint at anytime - even on mobile. Update your contract settings on the move.
Sell NFTs instantly
Launch a custom mint page or embed our mint button to start selling NFTs immediately after deployment.
Payment management
Control how users pay for your NFTs. Accept credit cards, crypto, ERC-20, or burn/verify NFTs to mint
Developer tools
Download or view your contract source code, ABI, and metadata. Expand your contract outside of NFT-Inator.
Permission system
Control who can update your mint status and smart contract. Manage your whitelist and marketplace settings.

See how we stack up

We're constantly adding new features to make sure we stay on top.

Feature Others
Prototyping tool to test layer combinations during design
Advanced art generator with rarity control, 1-of-1s, custom metadata and traits
Ultra gas-efficient, multi-chain smart contracts with Ethereum deployment under $20
Self-serve dashboard to update your contracts on the fly
Custom mint page and no-code mint button embed
Invite team members to collaborate
On-chain royalty enforcement
L2 support for Arbitrum, Avalanche and Optimism
Mint by burning an NFT from an existing collection
Claim a free or discounted mint by owning an existing NFT
Mint with any ERC-20 token (e.g USDC, or your own utility token)
Card payments

We fuel creators' ambitions, big or small, without burning a hole in their wallets.

We view NFTs as a groundbreaking technology that empowers creators of all sizes, and we're committed to making project launches accessible and affordable.


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$25.7+ million

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Compared to using alternative generator platforms and hiring smart contract developers.

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