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Discover the lore of ProcessLabs, one Relic at a time. Each decision carves your destiny, and each victory reveals a new Relic.

In a realm where time itself was born, The Process has been ceaselessly governing the intricate balance of existence. The appointed Trustees, drawn from the most virtuous lineages, have upheld their sacred duty over the eons. Within their possession lie rare relicz, bequeathed through generations, believed to be imbued with mystic energies that intertwine with the bearers' very DNA.

The passage of time is anything but linear, weaving in and out of itself, creating a complex, multidimensional tapestry. In this unfathomable reality, Relicz have been passed down through the generations in a seemingly paradoxical manner, all moments of transfer occurring simultaneously, yet separately.

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The First Relic

From the abyss of the stars, I observe.

The First Relic has already minted out, scattering across the internet into anonymous vaults of collectors' wallets. Its existence is vital, its possession coveted. To mint the Second Relic, the presence of the First is indispensable.

There is still a chance to enter, you will need a sphere.



Release The Spheres

Stage 1 is complete. Trustees have been tasked with releasing the spheres. Check back here weekly for your chance to enter Relicz.



Capstone Shards

The first relic is revealed! Trustees have been tasked with releasing the spheres.


Relic Component

Process Spheres

The spheres must be released and one passed on. Check Discord for updates.




The mystery remains locked for this special Relic.

How it all began

Throughout human history, figures of prominence emerged in the wake of chaos and uncertainty. These figures, later known as the original Trustees, were bound together by an unseen force - the simultaneous discovery of the first Relic.

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As the Trustees navigate this nonlinear continuum, they must cultivate a heightened awareness of the relicz influences and their own powers, which transcend conventional understanding. In doing so, they become entwined with the intricate workings of The Process, safeguarding the balance and harmony of existence across the expanses of time and space.

CCTV video of a house
CCTV video of a chapel
CCTV video of a train
CCTV video of a jungle
CCTV video of a canyon
CCTV video of a obelisk
CCTV video of a city
CCTV video of a meteor
CCTV video of a tents

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