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NFT Generator

Import your layers, add rules, configure your traits and export artwork and metadata files.

Basic Generator


  • Unlimited generations & exports

  • Up to 30,000 tokens per collection

  • Download unlimited promo videos

  • Upload to and Pinata

  • Up to two token sets

  • Up to five 1-of-1s

  • Rules engine & hidden traits

  • Slowest export speed

  • Invite team members

  • View & export rarity ranking

Free exports include an NFT-Inator credit in token metadata, and only have access to community support via Discord.


Starting at


  • Unlocks all generator features

  • Unlimited token sets & 1-of-1s

  • Maximum export speed

  • Whitelabel exports

  • Email support

Smart Contracts

Deploy gas-efficient ERC-721A contracts, with allowlists, multi-stage drops, card payments & more.

Basic Contract

2% Fee*

  • Gas-optimised ERC-721A

  • Pre-sale pricing

  • Allowlists & wallet limits

  • Pre-reveal artwork

  • Card payments with Winter

  • Mint button

  • Per-wallet pre-sale limits

  • Edit artwork after deployment

  • Whitelabel source code

  • Maximum one contract per project

*2% of primary sales, plus a per-tx fee of 0.0007 (~$1.40) which is paid by the minter.


Starting at

2% + $99

  • Unlocks all contract features

  • Unlimited deployments

  • Whitelabel source code

  • Edit artwork after deployment

  • Email support


Custom services from the development team behind NFT-Inator and our agency partners.

Bespoke Development

  • Custom Mint Page

  • Custom Smart Contracts

  • Unlockable Content

  • Branding, Strategy & Outreach

  • Merchandising & E-Commerce

  • Twitter & Discord Bots

  • Staking Platforms

  • Internal Dashboards & Analytics

  • Snapshots & Blockchain Data

Minimum project budget is $2,000 for mint pages, $3,500 for all other services. All services are subject to availability.

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