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Generate and export thousands of NFTs from your artwork layers. Set trait rarities, add advanced rules, include 1-of-1s, and export to IPFS.

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How it works

1. Upload your layers

Drag and drop the folder containing your trait files into our importer.

2. Set rarity and rules

Use rules to pair certain traits together and control their rarity.

3. Configure metadata

Set your project information, trait names and add custom attributes.

4. Export

Save your artwork and metadata to your device, or upload to IPFS.

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Turn your layers into 1,000's of NFTs.

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Custom rarity & advanced rules
Control the frequency of traits with a slider or enter a fixed supply, and set multiple types of rules to create unique, complex collections.
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Token sets
Generate different groups of tokens using different settings and traits. Export them as separate collections, or combine them.
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Add custom traits & tokens
Add custom traits or information to your tokens metadata, or add entire 1-of-1s with existing metadata to your generated art.
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Collaborate together
Invite your team to design and generate NFTs with you, enabling them to edit your traits, saved tokens and project settings.

Better art, faster

Still working on your art?

Leverage our prototyping tool to craft animated previews and test trait combinations effortlessly.

“NFT-Inator was extremely helpful in testing and evaluating ideas for my collection. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. If you want to bring your creative ideas to life, NFT-Inator is the way to go.”

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See how we stack up

We're constantly adding new features to make sure we stay on top.

Feature Others
Prototyping tool to test layer combinations during design
Advanced art generator with rarity control, 1-of-1s, custom metadata and traits
Ultra gas-efficient, multi-chain smart contracts with Ethereum deployment under $20
Self-serve dashboard to update your contracts on the fly
Custom mint page and no-code mint button embed
Invite team members to collaborate
On-chain royalty enforcement
L2 support for Arbitrum, Avalanche and Optimism
Mint by burning an NFT from an existing collection
Claim a free or discounted mint by owning an existing NFT
Mint with any ERC-20 token (e.g USDC, or your own utility token)
Card payments

We fuel creators' ambitions, big or small, without burning a hole in their wallets.

We view NFTs as a groundbreaking technology that empowers creators of all sizes, and we're committed to making project launches accessible and affordable.


NFTs generated

Since we launched on Product Hunt in 2021.

$10.2+ million

Earned by artists and creatives using our smart contract technology.

Powering thousands of contracts and millions of NFTs.

$25.7+ million

Saved by creators using NFT-Inator.

Compared to using alternative generator platforms and hiring smart contract developers.

“NFT-Inator has provided our team with all the tools we needed and more to create & customize our NFT collection. We’re impressed with the platform’s seamless, high-quality experience and will be returning in future!”

Less Than Three

“One of the slickest no-code NFT creation tools currently available. Really straightforward and mildly addictive.”

Sam Dickie
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Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How much does it cost to launch a smart contract?
Deploying our simple contracts on Ethereum costs under $20! For more advanced featrues, the cost of launching a smart contract can vary depending on the blockchain platform you choose, and factors like GAS price (transaction fees) make a huge difference.
Is there an area to manage my smart contract and project?
An intuitive dashboard enables you to manage your smart contract and project. You can also manage your mint page, view drop analytics, withdraw your earnings, and so much more from the dashboard.
How many smart contracts can I launch?
You can launch as many smart contracts as you like with NFT-Inator, there are no limits.
Which chains do you support?
NFT-Inator currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Optimism. We are working on adding support for more blockchains in the future.
Does it upload my artwork and metadata to IPFS?
Yes, when creating your collection on NFT-Inator our wizard will automatically upload your files securely to an IPFS provider. is a free option that is currently built-in. Alternatively, you can provide your own API key for Pinata or use a custom IPFS address.
Can I launch a mint page or a minting area with my contract?
Yes! NFT-Inator has built-in mint pages that you can launch straight after creating your contract. Create your NFT storefront in under 60 seconds and launch it to your community. You can also customise and embed our mint button on your own custom or no code website.
How can people purchase my NFTs?
Once you have a mint page or our mint button setup, share the link to your community. Once there they will be able to connect their wallet and mint your NFTs directly on your mint page or website.
What are the different ways people can pay for my NFTs?
Your users will mainly pay for your NFTs in the native crypto your collection is launched in. You can also sell your NFTs for ERC-20 tokens, utility tokens, credit & debit cards, and even advanced minting methods that require existing NFTs (see below)
Can I let someone burn an NFT to mint or verify they are holding an NFT to mint my collection?
Yes, you can implement a burn-to-mint payment section on our mint pages. This means users can burn an existing NFT (that you choose) to mint a new one from your collection, subject to the rules and logic you define in your contract. Additionally, you can set up verification mechanisms to ensure users hold specific NFTs before can mint the collection.
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