NFT Holders Platform

Custom-built platform to share exclusive content with your holders, host private experiences and sell products.

Add limitless utility

Engage with your community, build hype and create brand legacy with a custom-built platform for your holders.

Unlockable content

Share exclusive content, just for your holders. Offer tiers of access based on token traits, rarity, or the number of tokens owned.

Live experiences

Host real-time audio and video rooms, all within your own branded platform. Broadcast alone, or invite holders to speak.


Sell digital and physical goods, customised to the tokens of each holder. Pay with a card, or in your own utility token.

Voting & DAOs

Ask your holders what they'd like to see, and inform the direction of your project based on community feedback.


Identify whales and high-value holders with data collated from wallet activity, on-platform enagagement and social media.


Collect valuable data from your community, improving enagagement rates and reducing your marketing costs.

Bring your own contract

Didn't discover NFT-Inator before launching your project? No problem! Our bespoke add-ons can be integrated with any smart contract, allowing you to deliver new value to existing holders.

BuenoHeyMintMintplexNiftyKitOneMintZeroCode NFT


Flexible pricing for projects of all sizes

We can build almost any solution and feature you require. Please use our pricing below for guidance, plans can be customised and built custom to your requirements.


from $15k

Deliver value to holders and drive hype and engagement within your community.

  • Unlockable content
  • Live experiences
  • Advanced analytics
  • Marketing tools
  • Custom design & integrations
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Build the next killer app and solidify your projects blue-chip legacy.

  • Unlockable content
  • Live experiences
  • E-Commerce
  • Voting and DAOs
  • Advanced analytics
  • Marketing tools
  • Real-time gaming
  • Custom design & integrations
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Get your holders platform

Contact our team to discuss your requirements and get a quote for our bespoke development services.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Can you integrate this with X?
Probably! We can integrate your holders platform with any 3rd-party site or platform, as long as they have an API that supports your needs.
Do I need an NFT-Inator smart contract?
No! Our holders platforms are all custom built and can be integrated with your existing smart contract, including Bueno, HeyMint or a hand-made contract.
What determines the cost?
Our final price for development will depend on the number of integrations you need, the complexity of your design and the amount of time it takes to build.
Where is it hosted?
You'll be provided with a full copy of the source code. You can host it within your own cloud, or let us handle the maintenance and hosting.
Are there any maintenance costs?
We charge a monthly retainer for operating and maintaining your platform and the backend. You have full access to the code, so you're always free to host it yourself.
What chains do you support?
We can build your platform to be compatible with any EVM-based chain, or even support multi-chain projects.

You dream it, we build it.

Book a call with our team to discuss your idea and learn more about our custom development services.