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Deploy advanced ERC-721A smart contract for your NFT collection, with zero code or technical knowledge.

Why deploy our contracts?

Own your contract and stay independant of NFT marketplaces.

Only you can access and control your contract features.

Deploy for under $10 with our gas optimized 721A contracts.

Our custom contracts are highly gas optimized for deployment & minting.

Secure, proven technology powering thousands of collections.

Over $8.1M earned by creators using our smart contract technology.

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Manage your drop from anywhere.

Watch your mint progress live, update settings and enable new contract features without a single line of code.

Contract dashboard

No code required, from start to mint.

Add utility with a few clicks using our modular contract system. Manage card payments, allowlists and track analytics in the dashboard.

Mint Button

Sell NFTs on your website, with credit card payments.

Mint button

0.15 ETH

Current Mint Price

Increasing to 0.2 ETH after 21 more sales

29.36 ETH

Contract Balance

28.77 ETH ready for withdrawal

Simple Dashboard

Manage your contract features & track mint progress.

Fair & Secure Minting

Enforce an allowlist, limit tokens per wallet and more.

Mint limits

Extra features for the competetive edge

Whether you're launching a super limited collection or building the next BAYC, we've got the technology to expand with your needs.

One-click deployments

Marketplace ready

Edit artwork anytime

Transaction limits

Multi-stage drops

Industry-lowest commission

Whitelabel source code

Card payments with Winter

Pre-reveal artwork

Custom development services

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“One of the slickest no-code NFT creation tools currently available. Really straightforward and mildly addictive.”

Sam Dickie

The Creator Club

“I really enjoy using NFT-Inator and bought several Space Sneks as soon as I tried it. The team has done a great job of keeping the platform running and improving it.”

Prime Kings

“NFT-Inator has provided our team with all the tools we needed and more to create & customize our NFT collection. We’re impressed with the platform’s seamless, high-quality experience and will be returning in future!”

Less Than Three

“I found NFT-Inator to be extremely helpful in testing and evaluating ideas for my collection. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. If you want to bring your creative ideas to life, NFT-Inator is the way to go.”



Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, email our support team or tweet @DiamondHH and we'll answer any queries.

    • What is a smart contract?

      A smart contract is an automated program that will be used to launch your NFT collection. The smart contract contains code that describes how a user may purchase and transfer your NFTs when you launch and is required.

    • What blockchains are supported?

      NFT-Inator currently supports smart contracts for launching on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

    • Which wallets are supported?

      Currently the NFT-Inator dashboard supports MetaMask, however support for other wallets is planned for the future.

    • How much does it cost to launch a smart contract with NFT-Inator?

      There is no upfront fee to deploy a basic contract, we take 2% commisison on primary sales. If your mint is free, there is no fee!

    • How do I manage my smart contract once it’s deployed?

      You can manage all features of your smart contract via our dashboard, no code needed!

    • How do I get my collection on OpenSea?

      After deploying your smart contract, the tokens will appear on OpenSea as they are minted. You can manage your OpenSea collection through the wallet used to deploy the smart contract.

    • Can I create different sales periods such as a presale?

      You can configure two stages for your NFT launch - public and presale. For each stage you are able to set the price of your NFTs and various wallet limit settings to control how many can be minted.

    • Can I create a whitelist or allowlist?

      Allowlisting is built-in and can be enabled when you create your contract. After deployment you can add wallet addresses to the allowlist in the contract dashboard.

    • Can I make changes after I deploy my smart contract?

      Yes! You can update your artwork and metadata via the dashboard. This can be used to improve or update existing art, manage traits and more.

    • Does NFT-Inator handle IPFS uploads?

      NFT-Inator currently offers built-in IPFS uploads with either Pinata or Once your collection has been created you can add an API key for either service, and your uploads are handled in the app.

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