Branded NFT Builder

Drive hype and engagement in your community by hosting design competitions and games in our branded NFT builder.

How it works

1. Design your competition

Get creative with mechanics, and decide how it'll work.

2. Add your branding

Customise the fonts, colors and logos to match your brand.

3. Upload a watermark

Protect your artwork and ensure every export has attribution.

4. Share your page

Host it on your own domain, or let us handle it and share a link.

Build hype and engagement

Create a unique experience

Our branded NFT builder is a quick and easy way to engage with your community, drive social media posts and create a connection between your artists and holders.

Customizable mechanics
Our builder can be customised for any usecase, including design competitions, pure fun or personalised minting.
Protected source files
Trait files are securely encrypted during transport, helping protect your source files from scammers.
Fully branded
Add your own logo or watermark, customise colors or fonts, and embed within your own site or domain.
White-glove setup
Our engineers take care of all setup, customisation and hosting, so you can focus on your community.

Bring your own artwork

Our branded NFT builder is compatible with all projects and chains, no matter how you created them. All you need is your artwork layers, we handle the rest.

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One price. Lifetime access.

Launch your next unique competition, drive engagement from fans and create some truly memorable experiences with your community.

Setup and customisation

After a consultation, we create a bespoke version of our NFT builder that can be fully branded, customized, and hosted on your own domain.

What’s included

  • Custom branding and watermark
  • Competition mechanics
  • Social sharing with your hashtag
  • Host on your domain

Starting at


Contact sales

We accept payment in all major cryptocurrencies

Get your own NFT builder

Contact our team to discuss your requirements and get a quote for our bespoke development services.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How long does it take to launch my builder
Your custom NFT builder can be ready in under 1 week. We can also fast-track the process for an additional fee
Why would I want a builder for my project?
Create value for your holders with custom competitions, games and experiences. Talk to our team to find out what's possible.
What do I need to launch my builder?
We will need your artwork trait files, and the files and information to customise the platform.
How do I add the builder to my website
You will be able to embed the builder as a code snippet directly onto your website. We can also help you with this process.
Do I need to host the builder myself?
We host everything for you, so you don't need to worry about any technical details.
What options can I customise?
You can customise the builder to match your brand with colours and your logo.
Can I have custom features, gamify my competitions or integrate it into my mint?
Talk to our team and tell us your ideas, we can build almost anything custom for your project.

Try it out with your artwork.

Our branded builder is based on our prototyping tool! Create a project in NFT-Inator and upload your traits to take it for a spin.