Women in NFTs: Top NFT Creators
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Women in NFTs: Top NFT Creators

January 3, 2023

The rise of women in NFTs

The NFT (non-fungible tokens) space has been the center of attention for a while now, attracting entrepreneurs, brands, artists, and investors from across the world. They have even hit the mainstream media by garnering the attention of celebrities such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Quentin Tarantino, Chris Rock, Snoop Dogg and even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Major figures from every industry are interested in this space where art, technology and profit collide. Not only are these celebrities creating their own collections but they are also supporting collections that are making an impact. Gary Vaynerchuk was an early supporter of the World of Woman collection, shouting them out in a podcast in their early stages of growth.

Rappers Post Malone and Lil Baby have changed their Twitter profile pictures to their Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, as well as Eminem and Snoop Dogg giving their NFTs an appearance in their music video together. All this to say a lot of people are interested in the NFT conversation and where it's heading in the future. What has been incredible to see is how women have empowered themselves in this space to create businesses and powerful collections and communities.

There is the misconception that the NFT space is a boys club only, but that is far from the truth. Prominent figures within major projects are women, such as Betty who is one of the creative minds behind the Deadfellaz project, or singer Grimes who sold a whopping 6 million dollars worth of digital art.

We created a list of some of the most impactful projects led by women, and although we cannot include all of them (unless you want an hour long read, which is totally fine with us), we wanted to share some of the incredible talent from women in the NFT space. Let's dive in!

Here's 22 projects you need to know about

Itzel Yard

Itzel Yard, known as @ix_shells on Twitter, is a digital artist who became the highest selling NFT artist in June 2022 for her generative artwork “Dreaming at Dusk”, which sold for 2 million dollars. As she taught herself coding and processing languages to make her art possible, she has paved the way for women in the generative art space and is now a part of the prestigious Sotheby’s Metaverse.


Betty, known as @betty_nft on Twitter, is the Concept Creation and Community Lead of the Deadfellaz NFT project. Deadfellaz is a project that has been around for a while and amassed a strong and loyal community. Currently they are 143k strong on Twitter and no doubt that number will continue to rise. Betty is also the Co-Director of a Creative Production Agency with global clients, she promotes social change by supporting women and gender-diverse people through her work.


Yam, known as @ykarkai on Twitter, is an NFT artist, illustrator, and founder of World of Women NFT. This project was the first female led NFT collection to gain widespread popularity, it features Yam’s signature art style of hand-drawn vector art. With her NFT projects, she brings women into the spotlight, and promotes diversity and inclusiveness in the NFT space. Currently, World of Women is 208k strong and continues to grow, Yam shows no signs of slowing down as she leaves her mark in the space.


Lisa, known as @lisacmayer on Twitter, is the co-founder of Boss Beauties NFT, a project with a mission to make positive change for women everywhere. The 10k collection provides access to exclusive virtual events, and has made such an impact that it was the first NFT to be displayed at the New York Stock Exchange. Lisa uses her social media to not only share her current projects and updates, but to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to design the careers and lifestyles that they want.


NFTgirl is a popular Twitter influencer in the NFT space, she grew up in Venezuela where art played a significant role in her life. She is co-founder of XYZ News where she hosts a number of NFT and Web3 related shows that aims to educate people about the space. She is also a digital artist and an avid NFT collector with a huge following of 95k on Twitter. By taking on many roles, NFTgirl is one to follow to stay plugged into the space.

Alma Jimenez

Alma Jimenez, known as @VjDeliria on Twitter, is an Mexican-American educator, art director, and audio-visual artist who is dedicated to supporting underrepresented communities throughout art and education. She started out in 2021 hosting Spanish Clubhouses and Twitter Spaces to help educate and onboard incoming creators into the space. You can learn more about her exhibitions, NFTs, and collections on her website and you can find her supporting new artists on her Twitter.

Nyla Hayes

Nyla Hayes is a 12-year old digital artist and creator of Long Neckie Ladies, a computer-generated collectible of 3333 diverse women. Her artwork for this collection is inspired by her favorite dinosaur, the brontosaurus. Since the launch of her project she has sold over 3,400 NFTs, and her collections have generated over 970 ETH. Nyla continued to create more NFTs such as Long Neckie Fellas and Long Neckie Feelings. She has been recognised as TIME’s first artist in residence, Cadillac Rising Icon and 2022 Ebony Power 100 to name a few. Nyla’s career is flourishing and she's sharing her journey on Twitter, with an audience of 36k.


Artchick, also known as her PFP (profile picture) Punk 2476, is an influencer and NFT collector who uses a bold, entertaining and straightforward approach when sharing her opinions and insights. With a Twitter following of 158k, you’ll want to be among those who are receiving her valuable tips and updates about the NFT community.

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot is a powerful Russian art group and an art-activism movement. Their story involves one of the founders Nadya Tolokonnikova serving two years in jail for a protest against President Vladimir Putin. They brilliantly decided to integrate the digital jail papers from her prison sentence in 2012 into their digital artwork. By creating hand drawn art on top of those documents, Nadya is changing her own story whilst representing a wider cause. They have donated part of the collection's earnings to charities and to help victims of domestic violence. On Twitter they continuously promote equality and empower women to reclaim their power. Reaching an audience of 243k on Twitter, there you can find their merchandise, music, Youtube channel and NFTs.

Miss Al Simpson

Miss Al Simpson is a long time member of the NFT community, joining in the space in 2019 before it really took off on social media. She is an artist and writer who combined her skills to tell the story of her NFTs. Her artwork addresses popular culture and our society's vulnerabilities in this generation. She is releasing her first AI collaborative NFT collection, merging her signature style and technique. Miss Al Simpson has been recognised by CNBC, The Washington Post, and The Scotsman for her work and impact as an NFT artist.

Anonymous blockchain babe

This artist refers to herself as the "anonymous blockchain babe" and is the creator of the NFT collection 101 Babes and Encryptas, a series of 10,000 faceless chicks. Not only is she an artist but also a poet and creative writer. Weaving all of her talents together, her project presents colorful and bold illustrations of anonymous women drawn with simple lines, with whom each have a different story behind them. She uses her social media to start conversations around women and the blockchain, inspiring them to get involved.


Stacy, known as @cryptostacys on Twitter, is another OG member of the NFT community with her journey beginning in 2018. She is a digital artist who is best known for creating Hunnys, an incredible collection with over 1 million unique combinations, and Stacys, a collectible pixel-art NFT project. With over a thousand ETH (ethereum) traded and over 20k followers on Twitter, Stacy has valuable experience and is definitely worth a follow.


Iris is the artist and leader behind the NFT project Lucky Sloths, a collection of 2,700 unique hand-drawn adorable sloths. This is a project that has seen steady growth with a loyal following, and is a great example of a community that values connection and impact. So much so that they have been able to spread awareness and support real world philanthropic causes. Using their platform in this way there is no doubt that the Lucky Sloths, with Iris’s leadership, will continue to see growth and make real world changes.

Vanna Chu

Vanna Chu is a digital artist, collector, concept artist and character designer. With an impressive skill set like this she is the creator of the collection CopyCats NFT Collectibles, made up of hand drawn 1 of 1 pieces. Vanna shares her various artworks and collected items on Twitter, as well as artworks from many artists in the space.

Cheyrl Griffin

Cheyrl Griffin is an author of children's books and artist who created the AlphaBetty NFT project. Her aim with this collection is to introduce kids and families into the blockchain world. More than that, AlphaBetty raises funds to donate to charities, with their most recent notable contribution being passing the $100,000 mark of total donations made. This project perfectly exemplifies the impact an NFT collection can have in real life.

Angel Melly

Angel Melly is a gamer, singer, Youtuber and founder of the Angels Oasis NFT project that features 8,888 winged women living on the blockchain. The idea behind this collection was to support women and animals in a creative way, and with the help of Helena Jayne and Saria Arts this collection includes over a million different combinations and is incredibly stunning.

Izz Akkosia

Izz Akkosia is a multimedia artist, brand designer and fashion designer, who shares her colorful and expressive artworks with the objective of inspiring and empowering the black community. To further her impact, she established her own business to share her creations with the world. On Twitter you will regularly find her supporting charities and auctions, and partnering with major companies like MoonPay to contribute to important causes.

Shaylin Wallace

Shaylin Wallace is a surreal digital artist, graphic designer and NFT creator whose work is inspired by human figures, nature elements, and animals. Her work has been exhibited all over the world such as Genoa, Italy, Paris, France, & Porto, Portugal. She's been recognised and praised for her art and won at least ten awards for her digital art, with some of her clients being Warner Bros, Netflix, Adobe, and AMC. Shaylin is a powerhouse female figure who inspires many to pursue their dreams.

Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn is a well known artist based in LA with a portfolio of clients that'll blow your mind. Blake specializes in surreal and futuristic artwork and spreads across fashion, music and tech. Her past clients include Adidas, Jimmy Choo, Lil Nas X and the one and only Paris Hilton. Paris created a buzz over her NFT collection that was brought to life by Blake and sold over a million dollars. We love to see a winning female duo.

Paloma Rincon

Paloma Rincon is an impressive visual artist who plays with the boundaries of the physical and digital, and who uses a combination of vibrant colors and textures that make her art style unique to her. Through art direction and concept development she has worked with high caliber clients such as Coca-Cola, Michelob, Playstation, among other global brands.

Queens Of The Night

Queens Of The Night is an NFT collection of 7777 unique female revelers of nighttime deviance that use the blockchain as their ultimate dance floor. This project was brought to life by a trio of brilliant women, @Sauvignon_Blake, @courtneydisco and @sliztoonz. They bring an electric presence to the NFT space as they host daily Twitter Spaces and create a place for women to learn, connect and participate in the NFT space. Adding a fun twist to their project, they have also begun hosting themed parties in their own Microverse for their community, creating more opportunities for their holders to meet like minded individuals. Many can learn a lot from their dedication to community.

Brigitte Cronje

Brigitte Cronje is a teacher by day and artist by night, and creator of The Hippos NFT project. A collection of 10k algorithmically generated expressive hippos inspired by Brigitte’s admiration of people and nature. She is a self taught artist and works with a range of techniques like watercolor, pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, and gauche. She aims to grow the Hippoverse and create a thriving and inclusive community where there is always room for everyone. On Twitter she regularly shares her artworks in so many different styles and is always inspired.


Women have a lot of opportunities in this new digital world and this is only the beginning. There are countless women who are contributing to the space and in more ways than one. Not only do they brighten the blockchain with their imaginative artworks, break records with their sales and create real world impact, but they emphasize community, creating safe spaces for underrepresented people, support charities and important causes, and uplift new artists constantly. We can expect to see many more women flourish in this space and have a monumental effect.

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