The online takeover of NFT PFPs
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The online takeover of NFT PFPs

December 3, 2022

There has been a significant evolution of profile pictures since the early days of social media right up until now, as we witness the emergence of Web3. They began plain and simple and slowly became more customizable over the years. They are the first impression you give out to the world and give a person control over how their digital identity is perceived. Thanks to the rise of crypto and NFTs, the creation of NFT PFPs has evolved to symbolize something deeper and more personal.

Famous NFT avatars

Having the right NFT PFP can indicate status and exclusivity which often results in a higher following, adds legitimacy to the account and creates more trust from followers. This is why celebrities with NFT avatars have chosen to splash out for their PFPs. By displaying a Bored Ape or CryptoPunk they show that they are a part of an exclusive community which adds to their celebrity status. Let's dive into a few famous names that bought into the NFT PFP hype.

Steph Curry

This legendary basketball player joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club and uses his blue ape in a dapper black suit and tie with rare glowing eyes to represent himself on Twitter. As NFTs are on the blockchain, users found that he paid around $180,000 (or 55 ETH) for his NFT.


Superstar rapper JAY-Z bought into one of the OG PFP NFT collections in the space, the CryptoPunks. He spent 55 ETH on his pixelated character, CryptoPunk #6095, and made it his official Twitter avatar on his birthday. This move really boosted the awareness of NFTs to the mainstream media.

Jimmy Fallon

The popular late-night host announced his entrance to the Bored Ape Yacht Club by posting it on Twitter and asking his followers to help name his ape. As if he wasn't already a part of A-list celebrity culture, he is now letting people know he is also a part of an ultra exclusive NFT community.

Reese Witherspoon

This actress made a bold statement when she joined the World of Women community and changed her Twitter PFP to a blonde character from the collection. This indicates more than just being a part of the NFT space but also supporting a project that uplifts women. She tweeted “I’m committed to supporting creators who have pioneered the NFT space, and encouraging more women to be a part of the conversation,” and provides her followers with articles related to NFTs and the Metaverse.

Post Malone

Not only did this rapper use his NFT as his Twitter avatar but his Bored Ape also made an appearance in his music video. You can find his ape in the song ‘One Right Now’ featuring The Weeknd while he also promotes the app MoonPay. This is huge as not only is he spreading awareness of NFTs but MoonPay is a way of purchasing cryptocurrencies and NFTs in an easy and accessible app that uses bank transfers.

More than social media PFPs

While some people may think that celebrities have only participated in the NFT craze for their popularity, they actually gain a lot more than that. Connected to these NFT projects is a network of influencers, artists, investors, collectors and developers who are making huge contributions to the NFT space. In fact, some crypto enthusiasts are so influential that they add value to NFT projects by being a part of their community. Here are a few notable examples:


Vicki is the host of ‘Every Monday is Mutant Monday’ where she interviews different members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club or the Mutant Ape Yacht Club about their journey in the NFT space. She is able to have access to these people as she is also a part of these communities, and so has the opportunity to give perspective to non-ape members about what it's like to be in these high status communities.


This Twitter user is a widely trusted and admired figure in the NFT community, he is host of The OhhShiny Show, owner of several elite NFTs and someone who regularly discusses important topics within the NFT space. He communicates his unwavering belief in Metaverse and future of Web3 and his laser beam Doodle NFT perfectly represents the bright light he adds to the space.

The future of PFPs

Some believe that NFTs are a passing trend that will eventually fade but the evidence suggests differently. With the immense faith in the space from early adopters all the way to celebrity members, it is clear that many are attracted to what the NFT space has to offer and where it's headed. So in the meantime, as the Web3 space is built brick by brick, sporting an NFT PFP is a great way to show your participation in the space.

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