Why is NFT-Inator a great alternative to Genfty
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Why is NFT-Inator a great alternative to Genfty

February 28, 2023

NFT-Inator vs Genfty


Forming an idea into a functioning NFT project is a very difficult task without the proper resources at hand to support the process. An ideal NFT generator allows you to create your entire collection and deploy it to the blockchain without writing a single line of code, which is a huge bonus with how complicated web3 can be when you’re working by yourself or with a small team.

Just as anything else, there’s multiple different paths creators may choose to take when looking for a NFT-Generator depending on what they’re specifically looking for, and or what services are offered by said generator.

You’ll find as an NFT creator that the right workflow will massively improve your experience. Using a platform that has thought through the logical and natural process of NFT creation and given thought to how easily your work can be shared on social media or how a team can use the platform collaboratively is extremely important and will help you stay on top of the workload.

The purpose of this article is to explore the differences and similarities between Genfty and NFT-Inator to hopefully provide the necessary information to make the very important decision of what generator you’ll deem is more fit for the creation of your project, and begin or continue your journey as a creator. Let’s get started!

The similarities

If you’ve read into any of our other blogs about comparisons between NFT-Inator and other NFT Generators, there’s usually a lot of similarities besides the specifics of unique services, and the obvious difference in pricing from free to purchasable packages, however we were surprised to see Genfty is quite a different model then NFT-Inator.

Whether that’s a positive or a negative is up to the user of said platform of course.

Although during our deep dive on Genfty, we haven’t noticed the popular features you’d normally see within a NFT Generator whether for free or behind a paywall such as; 1of1’s, custom tokens, rules, large customizability, and etc. But we do have to commend them on their smart contracts, and the tutorial video makes it quite simple for new builders to utilize them.

Genfty Advantage

While we believe Genfty has a lot to improve on regarding their services and providing the value necessary to support builders on their journey to forming an idea into a fully functional projects.

One advantage Genfry currently has over NFT-Inator is the fact that your project comes with a minting page through their domain, however within the tutorial concerns where brought up regarding safe transactions, and how the mint could produce failed transactions at times regarding certain conditions such as large minters. It’s recommended to not mint over 100 tokens at a time, as this can cause your holder’s transaction to fail.

While this is undeniably an advantage over NFT-Inator, NFT-Inators coming club features are currently on the top of the priority list, and are coming with much more features than a minting page alone such as; launchpad, unlockable content, staking, utility tokens, and more. Interested in these features for your project? Learn more and consider reserving a custom link for your project on the platform

Another advantage to note, is Genfty’s generation speed of tokens, although more simple of a process, is incredibly quick! Taking a few minutes to generate 10,000 tokens.

NFT-Inator Advantage

One thing that’s undeniably noticed upon the opening of Genfty’s NFT Generator is their confusing UI, I personally felt the process was made much more complicated than necessary while attempting to generate a project due to untitled buttons, and lackluster organization of certain aspects of the generator. We believe in this case, NFT-Inator’s UI is much more user friendly to not only experienced founders, but inspiring founders starting their journey.

Regarding features, NFT-Inator is a tool many creators use to build upon their initial traits, this is due to our “Prototype Phase” allowing you to move around/mix certain traits, create custom tokens that you want appearing in the final generation, and adding 1of1’s to your collection.

Genfty unfortunately lacks these features, which we feel strongly limits potential user’s creativity, as their platform only allows for pre-made traits being imported, and users don’t have the freedom to rearrange their tokens and or make certain changes to certain tokens.

Another advantage NFT-Inator has over Genfty is the fact that builders can create multiple token sets. A token set is a collection of tokens that will make up your generated collection. They exist as token sets to enable saving different collections of tokens without overwriting previous ones.

This is extra handy if you want to apply different rules or traits to different token sets. For example, we could create a token set for mutant traits in the collection, and another set for the normal artwork. Then you can make adjustments on the fly without losing progress in either section.

Regarding generation, unfortunately the maximum amount of tokens you can download locally as a user of Genfty is 100, any tokens past 100 are locked behind a paywall they refer to as “credits”, these are purchasable at a rate of $1/100 Credits, meaning if you where to attempt to generate a 10,000 piece collection you’d be looking at purchasing $99 worth of “credits”.

The advantage NFT-Inator has in this case is the fact that builders can utilize NFT-Inator to generate unlimited tokens, and token sets, with no fees or paywalls, giving builders the freedom to have complete control of how their tokens are generated and presented.

Now let’s take a look at our “Generate Phase”! Along with features previously mentioned such as token sets, and 1of1’s, here builders have the freedom to set rarities to their tokens, hide traits, view a live rarity table showing the rarest of their tokens within the collection, set filters on what traits they would like to see within their generated tokens, edit their generated tokens, and even regenerate, again; free of charge! NFT-Inator also has advanced features accessible by a one-time purchase of our Generator Pass, or holding 3 of our own “Space Sneks Society” NFTs; applying Pro Edition to all current and future DHH tools.

Advanced features include “Rules” allowing builders to set certain rules within their collection, making certain traits only mix with each other, not mix with other traits, and more.

When it comes to exporting your tokens to IPFS, NFT-Inator has a clear advantage over Genfty, as unfortunately, you’re again limited to 100 uploaded tokens before being locked behind a paywall in “credits” in the case of a 10,000 token collection users would be looking at another $99 paywall.

In NFT-Inator’s case, again builders are free to upload their entire collection free of charge, or optionally utilize Pinata starting at $20/mo.

Lastly, coming to the topic of contracts. NFT-Inator provides much more in-depth smart contracts, through our friends at Winter. Features you’d see on NFT-Inator, not possible on Genfty include but are not limited to; allowlisting, delayed reveals, first mint free, and a fully built out dashboard to manage your mint and smart contract all through NFT-Inator.

NFT-Inators Advanced Features

NFT-Inator includes features that are designed to make the creation process smoother by making intricate tasks that are time consuming much faster and easier to organize. Features such as the Advanced Rules System, Rarity Chart Exports and the ability to create multiple token sets allows creators to streamline their process and get the most from their collection.

You can create multiple contracts from the same tokens, or create variations on your collection for a new contract.

Price Value Comparison

Let’s get into the pricing! While Genfty is a free to use platform, that only lasts up until you’d like to download or upload more than 100 tokens.

After those 100 tokens, the platform requires you to purchase “credits” at a rate of $1/100 credits. In total if you were looking to create a 10k collection, with the use case of downloading your collection locally, you’d be looking at $199 utilizing Genfty and their services.

On the other hand, NFT-Inator is free to create and launch a collection without access to the pro features, or if a creator decides the value of pro access is worth the commitment, our Generator Pass is only $399 in ETH for an unlimited amount of tokensets and exports.

Creators can also hold 3 of our NFTs resulting in a permanent Generator Pass for an unlimited number of projects.

NFT-Inator gives creators more flexibility with the number of tokens in their collection, and doesn’t increase fee’s or require any additional payments relative to the size of the collection whether or not a creator wants to utilize our fully built out, and audited smart contracts.

NFT-Inator also has the ability to create pro contracts, that enable you to redeploy on the fly, update artwork and metadata after launch, whitelabel the source code, and access to priority email support.

The Differences

NFT-Inator was built with careful consideration and analysis of the NFT creation process. While Genfty in our opinion is built towards more simple projects, we feel NFT-Inator offers a smoother workflow when adding custom tokens so creators can test their art out and design as many tokens and one of one pieces as they desire.

NFT-Inator’s well thought out UI intentionally allows creators to preview the token they’re working on, while being able to see and easily access other saved tokens, and making any changes to their traits, rarities, rules, and other features.

NFT-Inator presents creators with a Token Rarity Chart list which allows them to build a unique gallery of all their traits and even lets you export them to share with your holders. This feature makes these details simple to view and considers how easily they can be shared on socials. At a later stage in the process, NFT-Inator provides a Live Rarity section to see how tokens rank after generation. This gives creators another chance to view traits overall in case they want to make any adjustments.

NFT-Inator offers its smart contract services with only a 2% commission, where as Genfty doesn’t take a commission fee. The difference? Well with NFT-Inator builders have much more freedom and customization options to meet the needs of their project directly, such as allowlisting, delayed reveals, first mint free, and a fully built out dashboard to manage your mint and smart contract all through NFT-Inator.

While Genfty is definitely a good option for an art drop, we feel in the case of utility, NFT-Inator dominates in the topic of smart contracts.

NFT-Inators UI is simple and easier to manage for absolute beginners all the way to experienced designers. NFT-Inator cuts through the noise by presenting all the important and relevant information on a single page, following the intuitive process for NFT design.

You get all the important sections and features presented at a glance so creators can focus on producing their collection. In line with NFT-Inators effortless UI, the full process from prototype, to generate, to export, and contract creation is clearer to follow. When it comes to Genfty, we feel the UI is outdated in a sense, and the process is made more complicated than necessary due to the UI.

Why is NFT-Inator a great alternative to Genfty generator?

NFT-Inator is a clear, simple and intuitive alternative to Genfty as it glides through the NFT creation process allowing for unlimited adjustments, unlimited tokens, easy shareability, collaboration, and holds the most competitive commission you’ll find in the market. All for a simple price that’ll offer you the smoothest journey and assist in propelling your NFT project to be a worldwide hit.

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