Why is NFT-Inator a great alternative to Bueno.art
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Why is NFT-Inator a great alternative to Bueno.art

December 1, 2022

NFT-Inator vs Bueno.art


For those aspiring to create an NFT project of their own, using an NFT generator to turn your artwork files into a full collection will make your life infinitely easier, and make your NFT journey more manageable. An NFT generator allows you to create your entire collection and deploy it to the blockchain without writing a single line of code, which is a huge bonus with how complicated web3 can be when you’re working by yourself or with a small team.

However, not all generators are made the same. You’ll find as an NFT creator that the right workflow will massively improve your experience. Using a platform that has thought through the logical and natural process of NFT creation and given thought to how easily your work can be shared on social media or how a team can use the platform collaboratively is extremely important and will help you stay on top of the workload.

This article explores the differences and similarities between Bueno and NFT-Inator to provide you with the information to make a choice on which generator you may want to use.

The similarities

NFT-Inator and Bueno share many similarities with most features being present in both platforms. Both can be used to generate thousands of NFTs, launch smart contracts and manage the community after launch.

apart from one, which is Buenos world building metaverse tool the ‘Microverse’. It’s an incredible feature that hopes to connect communities through a digital world that can be customized and explored with friends.

In place of this feature, NFT-Inator provides a toolkit with the ability to integrate unlockable content with NFTs. This decision was made as we believe giving creators the power to attach what is relevant to their project as an extra utility to their NFTs, gives the creator more flexibility in how they want to provide value to their community.

Bueno Advantage

A great feature of Bueno’s generator is that it allows for the creation of custom mint pages which lets founders use their brand to customize the minting experience for their customers. Currently, NFT-Inator offers creators the option to add an embeddable mint button to their website. As we recognise the importance of creating a cohesive branded experience, we are in the process of adding mint pages to NFT-Inator.

But of course we’re not stopping there, our future plans include building the mintpages out into a full project launchpad with ERC-20 management, Staking, and a new drag and drop unlockables system for adding exclusive content to your project.

Buenos also has a world building metaverse tool called the ‘Microverse’. It’s an incredible feature that hopes to connect communities through a digital world that can be customized and explored with friends.

NFT-Inator Advantage

NFT-Inator still offers the opportunity to create an entire collection for free, this means the use of the generator and smart contracts are completely accessible to everyone. Bueno does not provide a free option for exports and takes 5% commission on contracts. So for beginners or those who aren't ready to commit to paying for the tool, you would be able to create the collection, but not export and launch it. Additionally, Bueno’s generator does not allow unlimited changes to exports or contracts, making the process more rigid for creators.

Using NFT-Inator you can make as many edits and changes as you’d like, generate your artwork and launch a free smart contract with only a 2% commission of your NFT project's earnings.

NFT-Inator also provides a Verification SDK with the ability to integrate unlockable content with your NFTs and token-gate website to make true holders-only clubs for your collection. With unlockables, creators can add extra utility to their NFTs, providing more flexibility in how you want to provide value to your community.

NFT-Inators Advanced Features

NFT-Inator includes features that are designed to make the creation process smoother by making intricate tasks that are time consuming much faster and easier to organize. Features such as the Advanced Rules System, Rarity Chart Exports and the ability to create multiple token sets allows creators to streamline their process and get the most from their collection.

You can create multiple contracts from the same tokens, or create variations on your collection for a new contract.

Price Value Comparison

Let's break down the price comparison for the smallest collection (100 tokens) to the largest collection (10,000 tokens) and we will start with Bueno. The cost of a collection with 100 tokens priced at 0.1ETH which currently translates to $130 and the cost of a collection with 10,000 tokens would be priced at $1300.

In contrast, NFT-Inator is free to create and launch a collection without access to the pro features or with the pro version, you pay $399 for an unlimited amount of tokensets and exports.

NFT-Inator gives creators more flexibility with the number of tokens in their collection and will not fluctuate depending on the state of Ethereum making it a much more reliable option. It’s also useful for those that do not know the exact supply of their collection, or for those that may want to make many changes to their artwork during the process.

NFT-Inator also has the ability to create pro contracts, that enable you to redeploy on the fly, update artwork and metadata after launch, whitelabel the source code, and access to priority email support.

The Differences

NFT-Inator was built with careful consideration and analysis of the NFT creation process. The Prototype section offers a smoother workflow when adding custom tokens so creators can test their art out and design as many tokens and one of one pieces as they desire.

NFT-Inator presents creators with a Token Rarity Chart list which allows them to build a unique gallery of all their traits and even lets you export them to share with your holders. This feature makes these details simple to view and considers how easily they can be shared on socials. At a later stage in the process, NFT-Inator provides a Live Rarity section to see how tokens rank after generation. This gives creators another chance to view traits overall in case they want to make any adjustments.

NFT-Inator offers its smart contract services with only a 2% commission compared to Buenos 5% commission, making it the most competitive NFT generator on the market.

NFT-Inators UI is simple and easier to manage for absolute beginners all the way to experienced designers. NFT-Inator cuts through the noise by presenting all the important and relevant information on a single page, following the intuitive process for NFT design. You get all the important sections and features presented at a glance so creators can focus on producing their collection.

In line with NFT-Inators effortless UI, the full process from prototype, to generate, to export, and contract creation is clearer to follow. Bueno’s user experience is less convenient by taking users to unnecessary separate tabs and sections. Overall, NFT-Inators user experience is less awkward and easier to follow.

To manage your contract after launch, NFT-Inator comes with a fully featured smart contract dashboard to keep track of your project. In the dashboard you can airdrop tokens, control all of your mint and project settings, access the development tools, open & close minting, and everything else you could possibly need when managing your project.

Creators can purchase the pro version of NFT-Inator using card payments rather than limiting buyers to purchasing in Ethereum. This is an added detail to make this tool more convenient and accessible to creators.

Why is NFT-Inator a great alternative to Bueno generator?

NFT-Inator is a clear, simple and intuitive alternative to Bueno as it glides through the NFT creation process allowing for unlimited adjustments, unlimited tokens, easy shareability, collaboration, and holds the most competitive commission you’ll find in the market. All for a simple price that’ll offer you the smoothest journey and assist in propelling your NFT project to be a worldwide hit.

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