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Design and generate marketplace-ready NFT collections, with custom rarity and advanced rules. Test and prototype freely, with no per-export fees.


Why use our generator?

Generate unlimited tokens for free using our basic features.

Export EVM & Solana artwork and metadata without paying a cent.

Built by creators, for creators with every feature you'll ever need.

We built NFT-Inator for our own projects, and made sure it included everything.

Custom development to power even the most complex drops.

Hire the developers of NFT-Inator to build a custom solution for your project.

How it works


Upload your artwork

We'll show you how to set up your trait folder and import it to get started.


Set rarity and rules

Try out different rarity options and rules till you're happy with the collection.


Preview and export

See how your tokens will appear on marketplaces, then download the artwork and metadata.


Everything you need to generate your collection.

Advanced rules

Tell us which traits work together, and which don't.

Decentralised storage

Upload artwork and metadata to IPFS.

Pixel perfect

Upload 1-of-1s and add custom metadata.

Collaborate seemlessly

Invite team members and build together.

Limitless free plan

Generate unlimited tokens with our basic features, completely free.

Grow hype

Share an animated preview with a click.

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“One of the slickest no-code NFT creation tools currently available. Really straightforward and mildly addictive.”

Sam Dickie

The Creator Club

“I really enjoy using NFT-Inator and bought several Space Sneks as soon as I tried it. The team has done a great job of keeping the platform running and improving it.”

Prime Kings

“NFT-Inator has provided our team with all the tools we needed and more to create & customize our NFT collection. We’re impressed with the platform’s seamless, high-quality experience and will be returning in future!”

Less Than Three

“I found NFT-Inator to be extremely helpful in testing and evaluating ideas for my collection. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. If you want to bring your creative ideas to life, NFT-Inator is the way to go.”


The easiest way to generate NFTs

Streamline your art generation experience and supercharge your workflow with warp speed exports and easy contract deployment.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, email our support team or tweet @DiamondHH and we'll answer any queries.

    • How much does generating a collection cost?

      The basic generator is free to use for up to two projects. You can prototype tokens, generate your collection and export projects. You can unlock all pro features for $399 per project including warp speed generation, priority support and loads more.

    • Does NFT-Inator support animation?

      Yes, NFT-Inator supports animated layers and exports using GIF or MP4 layers. However only short animations are supported and NFT-Inator is not capable of stacking many lengthy video layers.

    • Does NFT-Inator support rules and rarity settings?

      Yes, NFT-Inator has support for rules and rarity either by trait or attribute. Set up advanced rules to ensure traits are paired correctly, and have complete control over your traits by setting rarity levels or choosing fixed supplies.

    • What browsers are supported?

      We currently require browsers that support the FileSystem Access API. This includes Chrome, Edge, Opera GX and other Chromium-based browsers, except for Brave.

    • Can I upload a 1-of-1 collection to NFT-Inator?

      Yes, when you sign up and create a project you can upload existing artwork and metadata files. Alternatively, you can upload your artwork only, then add custom metadata to each token.

    • Can I create multiple token sets in the same project?

      Yes, each project uses token sets which are collections of generated tokens. Rules and rarity can be applied per token set and each set can use different layers and combinations. Useful for if you plan on airdropping another collection later, or want to launch some 1 of 1’s down the line.

    • Can I invite collaborators to work on my project?

      NFT-Inator allows you to invite other people to manage your project by email. Head to the project settings and add people on the team tab. Currently, teams are restricted to the prototype and design phase. Team contracts are coming soon.

    • How can I get support?

      We offer community support on Discord for free projects, and email support for Pro projects.

    • Are there more features coming?

      Yes! We're constantly expanding our product lines and bringing advanced technology to zero-code founders.

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