Undying NFTs: A Timeless Collection and Immortal Universe
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Undying NFTs: A Timeless Collection and Immortal Universe

March 4, 2023

Undying NFTs: A Timeless Collection and Immortal Universe


Undying is a collection of immortals forever lost on the blockchain. A group of visionaries, artists, and survivors have come together to build a Brand and Universe that will contribute to the growth of crypto culture and ethics while bridging it to the mainstream. The Undying community members benefit from exclusive access to an OG community, future Undying art and NFTs, audiobooks, music albums, photography, merch, giveaways, future formats and products, voting power, NFT usage, and the ability to contribute to the story canon and Brand.

Quite frankly, we’re super excited to see the Undying vision come to life and launch on our platform!


To create a collection of immortals forever lost on the blockchain, the Undying team needed a powerful NFT generator that could deliver on their vision. Enter NFT-Inator.

From Don Okko

“Undying chose NFT-Inator over other NFT generators, after it was mentioned as an alternative to Bueno. The platform's ability to launch on multiple blockchains was a key factor in the decision. Additionally, the UI/UX was much better than other platforms, making it easier for the Undying team to create their collection and verify it using the access pass to their universe with the Undying collection.

NFT-Inator's Verify SDK allows Undying to create an access pass to their universe using the Undying collection, which was a crucial part of the project. This feature allowed the team to add exclusivity to their NFTs, ensuring that only verified users could access certain content and experiences.

The platform's ability to endlessly deploy on the testnet before launch was also a significant factor. This feature allowed us to test out artwork and features, ensuring that we could fine-tune every aspect of our NFTs until they were perfect.

We’re also very impressed with the dedication of the Diamond Hands team, who were always on hand to offer support and guidance. They helped us navigate the platform and create our collection and really appreciated the platform's flexibility, which allowed us to fine-tune every aspect of their NFTs until they were perfect.”

Mint Details

The Undying NFT collection is limited to only 2222, with a presale price of 0.0600 ETH for the first 222 mints. The mint price will range from 0.0642–0.0777 ETH, depending on the ETH price at the mint start.

Over 270 traits make Undying NFTs unique, and the style is simply awesome. With its extremely high long-term potential, the launch date is to be announced.

How to Mint

Only people with the WL role will be able to mint UD, and there will be NO public mint in the foreseeable future. Undying will be collaborating with multiple projects by WLing all their community members in waves, adding more and more projects they respect and admire until mint out occurs. A public mint is not planned, except when it is clearly wanted by the community. Ways of earning the WL role include holding a whitelisted project, being an active community member, and participating in giveaways.

The Goal

The goal is to create a timeless collection of Undying NFTs that inspires a community-driven Brand and Universe to further cultural and ethical growth in crypto and bridge it to the mainstream in different formats. The Undying Universe entails a parable-like story of two humanoids living in a fictional universe where the Undying exist. The first formats will be audiobook, comic, and written format.

The universe will be furthered through the needs of the community, refining itself as needed.

Specials and Rewards for Holders

Undying NFT holders will have access to a growing pass and member verification card, loyalty rewards in Blood, chances to apply for the use of artwork for other than non-commercial use, access to the second collection, exclusive knowledge and tips.

With the membership card, holders will have access to a growing library of audiobooks, music albums, photography adn other digital media to view, collect and own. This ones for the creatives!

Project Coordination

The StoneKey DAO is deciding on collection matters per vote. The narrative style and main story inspired by the collection were voted on after intense discussions between the members. The structure of the DAO itself was labeled “Decentralized Waterfall Democracy,” creating a council of 4–8 that needs to agree on collection and DAO-related decisions.

Necessary artists for the already agreed-upon goals of creating the first steps of the universe in audiobook, music, written and comic format have been found. Partnerships and collaborations with other projects, influencers, and art lovers, as well as marketing professionals and developers who are not part of the community, will be decided on by vote.

Final Thoughts

Undying is not just a trend, but a movement towards a more ethical and fair crypto industry. The Undying represents the eternal possibilities of the blockchain. It is a reflection of our own mortality, reminding us that in a world of code, there is still room for humanity. Undying is all about benefiting the whole wider crypto space by creating a crypto native, adoption-worthy universe and growing awareness for crypto, ethics, and ideals.

They chose NFT-Inator as their generator over other platforms due to the ability to launch on multiple blockchains, its user-friendly UI/UX, and its Verify SDK which allowed them to create an access pass to their universe and support their community with loads of exciting content designed for holders-only. The platform's endless deployment on the testnet and the dedication of the Diamond Hands team also impressed the Undying team. NFT-Inator allowed Undying to create a unique and exciting NFT collection that aligned perfectly with their brand and universe.

If you're interested, check out the previous Medium documents, YouTube, and their Pre-Mint Website, or jump into the Discord and ask the community more about this project.

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