Best NFT Twitter Spaces to tune in to 2023
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Best NFT Twitter Spaces to tune in to 2023

December 17, 2022

In 2020, Twitter introduced a feature called Spaces, which can be thought of as online chat rooms that allow people to discuss topics and interact with each other. In the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Spaces go beyond having conversations: they’re often the best places for getting the latest alpha (NFT lingo for knowledge) on projects and the source for the latest news in Web3.

However not every Twitter Space is created the same, it takes some time to find ones that align with your interests. There are many Spaces hosted on Twitter, addressing so many different topics, which is why we went ahead and searched for the best shows in the NFT space. We made sure to include good vibes, entertainment and the best alpha possible. So, no need to sort through hundreds of spaces because here are the six best Spaces to stay plugged into the NFT world.

Rug Radio

This Space is a hub of NFT culture hosted by some of the biggest NFT Twitter accounts. They discuss a range of topics including everything from FOMO, best trading practices, uplifting artists and upcoming projects. Rug Radio is a place that allows people to have a free exchange of ideas and Web3 news with hosts who are accomplished in the industry:

  • Farokh: The founder of Rug Radio and an established thought leader and influencer in the NFT space.
  • Lindsey Byrnes: A popular creative director, photographer, and host of the show on Rug Radio Music Mondays.
  • Mando: A thought leader in the NFT space and the host of GM NFTs
  • Crazy Carl: Is a host of 3 impactful different shows NFT REWIND, NFT FOMO, and the Crazy Carl show.

Rug Radio is a decentralized media hub and its Twitter Spaces are where different NFT shows are produced as podcasts. Rug Radio also spreads awareness of Web3 issues and educates the community on these topics.

Alpha & Chill

This Twitter Space breaks down NFT topics in a digestible and approachable way. They cover topics such as latest market trends, rug pulls and relevant topics in the space. They have made their space a shill free zone meaning you don’t have to listen to self promotional tangents during their show. Segments like Alpha & Chill are great for conversations where listeners can gain valuable insights. Hosted by OKHotshot and Alpha & Chill and with over 50 episodes aired, this show has grown a loyal audience in a short period of time.


NFT Now on Twitter Spaces is a place where 111K+ followers go to get their knowledge and updates for everything in Web3. These spaces are often packed with creators, flippers, founders and many other NFT enthusiasts. They also have curated areas such as The Green Room which is dedicated towards helping musicians and fans learn about and navigate Web3. This is a good place for beginners to start if you are new to the space, plus they feature a lot of interesting guests that contribute to the alpha in these shows.

NFT Pirate Radio

The biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea is behind the next Twitter space show called NFT Pirate Radio. Coming from a powerhouse brand, the information and gems dropped in these shows are not to be missed. They include topics such as the latest technology in Web3, Metaverse news, artist highlights, and upcoming events. As they are such a well known brand they are able to bring on some of the biggest players in the industry. Make sure you have a snack nearby as these Spaces tend to run over an hour.


If you're looking for a beginner friendly introduction to the NFT space then you’ll want to check out IYKYK Show, hosted by influencers NFTGirl and BelleNFTs.eth. Their show is a place for education and empowerment of creators, they cover a variety of topics that’ll get you up to speed in no time. They have grown a following very fast due to their level of experience and knowledge in the space as creators and collectors as well as their brilliant guests.


Laura Rod, known as @TheMiamiApe on Twitter, hosts a Spaces show where she aims to educate and inspire her listeners. By sharing her personal experience, supporting up and coming creators, and highlighting the diversity in the NFT space, she provides a lot of value to her community. Laura was recognised by Forbes as a top 10 Latin American influencers, and she does her part to make sure that the Latin community get their voices heard, and even hosts spaces that feature Spanish speakers. On top of that, she has a great vibe within her community that is positive and safe for everyone to join in on.

How to find the top NFT spaces for you

These are only some of the greatest Twitter Spaces to tune into, each one has a friendly and welcoming vibe along with certain topics that they specialize in. Moreover, many hosts tend to guest star in other Twitter Spaces so you can find more shows just by listening in on one of them. So depending on the kind of information you are looking for, you’ll find a show with discussions that suit your Web3 needs.

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