Who is Ben.eth and what is $PSYOP? Rumours and Controversy
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Who is Ben.eth and what is $PSYOP? Rumours and Controversy

May 24, 2023

A Look into the World of Crypto Influencer, Ben.ETH

Whether you are a crypto enthusiast or casual spectator, the story of a crypto influencer known only as “Ben.ETH” is worth knowing. With the meteoric rise of meme coin empires, mysterious multi-million-dollar transactions, and the potential of an eight-figure lawsuit, let’s dive into the saga of Ben.ETH.

The $PEPE Boom

In late April, a meme coin named $PEPE was launched, and, in no time it became a viral sensation. It worked like magic for those who got in early—some of the $PEPE holders witnessed their initial investments skyrocket by up to 100x. The success of $PEPE, with its market cap peaking at $600m, inspired the launch of a host of new meme coins including $WOJAK, $BOB, $LAMBO, $CHAD, and $WEED. Crypto enthusiasts were on the edge of their seats, eyes peeled for the next potential 1000x opportunity.

The $BEN Phenomenon

In this meme coin mania, a relatively unknown figure, Ben.ETH, seized the opportunity and introduced his own token, $BEN. Despite a slow start, it gained traction when Bitboy, a prominent crypto influencer, publicly endorsed it.

However, Bitboy's move sparked controversy as he had purchased a significant chunk of $BEN’s supply without public disclosure. This raised questions and concerns around potential legal or regulatory repercussions, as some critics saw this as typical memecoin pump-and-dump behavior.

The $PSYOP Spotlight

Despite this controversy, Ben.ETH was thrust into the limelight due to $BEN's success. Capitalizing on his newly acquired influence, he announced the launch of another token, $PSYOP. He rallied interested parties to send Ethereum (ETH) to his wallet in anticipation of $PSYOPs launch. The result was a surprising influx of $7 million worth of ETH.

Allegations and Potential Legal Battles

However, the road to $PSYOP’s launch wasn't a smooth process. With many fake tokens flooding the market and confusing pool setups, the situation worsened when a self-proclaimed developer for Ben.ETH called out alleged deliberate irregularities in the token’s structure.

The situation became even more serious when a lawyer threatened a class-action lawsuit against Ben.ETH, accusing him of wire fraud against early investors, and demanding a hefty sum of up to $21 million in damages.

Speculation Fuels the Growth of $PSYOP

Amid the controversies, the meme coin $PSYOP continued to grow in popularity. In a surprising twist, rumors circulated that Andrew Tate, a four-time world kickboxing champion and infamous social media influencer, was associated with $PSYOP. Tate denied these rumors in a video that, ironically, increased speculation and boosted the meme coin's popularity even further.

Speculation on Wallet Value

As the $PSYOP meme continued to thrive, the value of Ben.ETH's crypto wallet balance grew exponentially to over $7 million in ETH. Ben also currently holds the remaining supply of the $PSYOP token, with a market valuation of almost $1.8 Billion. However, if he was to dump these tokens he’d yield only a small fraction of the stated amount, due to a lack of liquidity.

Uniswap Ban

Adding another twist to this tale, Uniswap suspended user trading of the $BEN token. This decision, potentially connected to expected regulatory enforcement, intensified the already convoluted narrative surrounding Ben.ETH.

The Unraveling Mystery: Who is Ben.ETH?

The impressive success of Ben.ETH stirred curiosity about his identity. Who was the individual behind the enormous wealth and influence? Many theories surfaced, pointing at several high-profile individuals within the crypto community. Yet, no conclusive evidence was found, and the true identity of Ben.ETH remains shrouded in mystery.

Impact Beyond Profits

The saga of Ben.ETH and the meme coins serves as a cautionary tale for investors. It's not just about massive profits and losses; it also highlights the potential ethical and legal implications of creating and promoting such tokens. Investors need to tread carefully in this unregulated landscape, understanding that the quick profits promised by meme coins can come with significant risks.

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